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Deep in the woods of Pennsylvania resides an abandoned cabin haunted with the spirits of those who used to inhabit the residence. The innocent Jones family did not know what they were getting themselves into when they purchased the cabin in 1962, because little did they know it still contained the presence of a witch exiled from her convent for the practice of Black Magic. The Jones family realized very early on that something was not right in this cabin when strange occult symbols began to appear on the furniture and the walls. After visiting a local warlock, he instructed the family to find the object in the cabin that the witch had attached herself to, draw a symbol of magic, and place the relic inside of the powerful incantation. Before the spell was completed, the mysterious family disappeared. Not a lot is known about what happened to the family on that night, but no living soul has returned to tell the tale since! It is now your duty to enter this once inhabited cabin and collect the possessed artifact and return them to the circle of magic to repel the witch’s spirit once and for all and escape this haunted cabin!

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