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Safe House

Welcome to the secret and most secured installation. You have been flown around the world and traveled by boat, truck, and on foot to arrive at this site. This location has only one purpose and that’s to accommodate the world's most secretive spies and their assets. Somewhere there is a very large server which contains an algorithm that keeps the worlds markets from crashing and maintains peace throughout the globe. Information from this mainframe is updated daily and shared with all nations to prevent global disaster. Intelligence reports suggest that 24 hours ago someone entered the facility through the VENT and stole key codes which access this computer. Encrypted messages have been sent worldwide demanding money in exchange for the codes. The initials A.C.F. were found at the bottom of the message. You are the best spy in the world and have more success and connections than anyone else so you have been brought to this Safe Room to determine if A.C.F. is really YOU.

Can you find the access codes, escape in time and restore order?

A.C.F. has not been identified and could be anyone.

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