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The Bunker

It’s 1963 and military conflict around the World is growing every day. The troops in the field are prepared but on edge with every minute that goes by. I am assigned to the Nuclear Defense Bunker by orders of the United States Armed Forces.  I was sent to this bunker to monitor the situation and await missile launch orders. The codes to disarm the missiles are secured in the fortified missile launch room.  You will need to enter that room and remember this type of power can save the world or destroy it. The ball is in your hands now as I await orders from the president of the United States. Your objective is to save the world by stopping the enemies launch of nuclear war heads and preventing our retaliated response. Growing conflict is escalating by the hour and the world is now depending on you to prevent a nuclear launch. Upon entering this bunker someone must be assigned to check jackets.


You have 1 hour to save the world from total war!



Beginner Level

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